Winchester Repeating Arms

The following photos are from the former Winchester Repeating Arms gun factory in Connecticut.

Prints available:
4×6 Print with 8×10 matte – $25
8×12 print with 12×16 matte – $50
14.5×22 print unmatted – $120
16×24 mounted canvas print – $140

Email: Jesse.Bouley@gmail.com

Click an image below to view the entire gallery.

_MG_7126_full        _MG_7141_full

_MG_7155_full        _MG_7181_full

_MG_7182_full        _MG_7184_full

_MG_7192_full        _MG_7200_full

_MG_7210_full        _MG_7216_full

_MG_7217_full        _MG_7233_full

_MG_7254_full        _MG_7265_full





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