Ruined by Frizz – 12/31/14

Mixed media advertisement reproduction.

Acrylic paint & Custom vinyl decals on a handmade wooden box.
42′tall X 24′wide X 2″thick
FOR SALE – $1200

Acrylic paint, vinyl stickers, handmade wooden box. I liked this small advertisement from an old magazine for women so I created a large reproduction. This piece consists of many layers. First is a handmade wooden box with two layers of background paint. Then is a handpainted layer for the girls face, eyes, and lips. Next is a custom shiny yellow vinyl sticker for the girls hair and the shadow on the type. On top of that is the red dot pattern and the red type. Lastly is a matte black custom layer of vinyl. All design, painting, and fabrication done by me.

Click an image below to view the entire gallery.








2 thoughts on “Ruined by Frizz – 12/31/14

    1. jbouley Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      This piece is still available. If you interested in another size I could make a large or smaller piece depending on what you are looking for.



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