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Ribcage Shadowbox – 12/31/13

Mixed media 3D piece. A combination of acrylic paint and custom vinyl stickers on glass panels. This piece is 3 layers thick. When you look through the holes in the rib cage on the first layer you can see the second layer which depicts the circulatory system and the third layer behind that which contains the back of the ribcage. All design, painting, and fabrication done by me.

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MindFrames – 3/19/14

Mixed media 3D series. The back layers are a combination of acrylic paint and custom vinyl stickers on wooden panels. The top layers are either acrylic paint or gold/silver leaf with custom vinyl stickers on a glass panel. All design, painting, fabrication, and frames done by me.

More from this series coming soon.

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Dutton Street Bar – 2/11/12

My first major DIY addition to my condo. A bar made from recycled wood obtained for free from craigslist adds. I cut the recycled wood down to a uniform height and built the layers up on site. The bar has hidden rope lighting to illuminate the shelving area and it houses a kegerator inside.  The top is a solid piece of concrete.

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